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Welcome & & are a Reputable Breeder of AKC Polar Bear White Labrador Retrievers.

All Pups include:

  • AKC Limited Registration Application
  • Health Guarantee in Writing
  • Health Record
  • Current Vaccinations - 5 way
  • Worming, Giardia, and Coccidia Prevention
  • Feeding and Care Instructions

Polar Bear White Labs are mild tempered and are the top breed to become loyal and trusted family members.

They are also bred with the intent that they be used for: hunting, including tracking, chasing, pointing, flushing, or retrieving game; or competing in field trials, hunting tests, or similar organized performance events.

Site Visits Encouraged, By Appointment, 281-351-9703,

Directions Exit 76B, I45 North, The Woodlands, Texas

Client Feedback

"A quick note letting you know that we are enjoying the our Polar Bear White Puppy so much! He has already grown to 22 lbs! Thank you again for everything, we are so happy to have purchased Goose from He has learned to sit, lay down, high five and still needs work on playing dead!!!"


"We purchased Goose from the Dec 25th litter and you chose to put his picture on the website! We just wanted to send you a quick note saying that we are still getting compliments on a daily basis and love the dog that he has become. We just took our engagement photos so I thought I would send one along to you to see An updated pic of Goose!
Have a great summer!"

"Hi there! We sure love our girl who turns 1 Dec 21st! You did a great job, she is so CALM!"

"I just thought I would send some photos of Milla. She was one of Pearl's and Sugar Bear's litter ..."

"This is our Mandigo Bred pup we named River, taken at the ranch today. He's a great pup from Sugar Bear and Goldie's litter. Lots of fun and lots of will! Seems like he's gaining about a pound a day."

"We bought Cotton on March 23rd and it's been sooo much fun since he became our part of family. He is 10 months old now. He is sooo full of energy all the time and he always get excited when I arrive at home after work. He loves water , its so much fun seeing him swimming. Any kind of treat is his favorite whenever I have a treat in my hand he always obey and when I don't he is again the same naughty cotton ;) . Everyone around our neighborhood loves him and he is the most pretty dog ever... these our some pictures I'm sending you just to update you how your little doggy looks. There is one picture where it says Cute Cy-Fair dogs, my daughter sent his picture so he can be in the magazine after seeing his picture in the magazine, made me smile :) THANKS SOOOO MUCH"

"I bought one of the lab puppies from Polar Bear's and Daisy's June 15th litter. I wanted to give you an update and send some pics. I have to say that "Trigger" is one of the best puppies that I have ever had. He went through about a two weeks of puppy stage, and has been great. He is a very easy going dog that listens very well. At 12 weeks of age I brought him to a friends ranch and after about an hour he was retrieving his duck about 40 to 50 feet out in the lake. I could not be happier with what a quick learner he is. I hope to take him on his first duck hunt this week. Every where I go people comment on what a pretty puppy he is and yes I have told everyone of them where he came from."

Thanks, -KM

"Here are some pics of our lovely Blizzard. She has been a pleasure. She went on her first hunt and did awesome with gun shots. She has learned so much and is easily trained. We enjoy her so much I see her being an awesome hunting companion and family dog. We all love her soooo much!

Thought you might want some pictures of her :-)"

"Paul and Sheryl, just wanted to say thank you. Nanook is having a blast and we are Blessed to have him as part of the family."

"Happy New Year Paul and Sheryl, Anxiously awaiting the news of next litter. We are so excited to bring another one of your labs home. In the photo is our first, Sula " little bear by the water". We love him.

From Sugarbear & Blessing"

"Here's a picture of sweet Dixie staying warm. She has been a great puppy."

"Sugar Baby is one of your puppys I picked up in January! Sugar Bear is her father and Snow White Mother! Best looking female I've seen in a long time! "

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